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December 13, 2022 2 min read


Missing the pow? Yeah, us too. Nothing like FOMO on an epic day – but don't lose all hope! Here are 12 ultimately unfulfilling ways to make a great face shot of your own…without leaving home (or work):


1) Doom scroll Instagram and pretend you're there with all those enviable ski bums.


2) Stare listlessly at mountain cams for ultimate snow-envy.


3) Reach out to your real-life friends and ask how their skiing day was - then be prepared for the pretty epic silence when they don't reply.


4) Console yourself by thinking "eh, it probably wasn't that great anyway"


5) Complain about those blasted Epic & IKON passes ruining everything!


6) Go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of junk food that you wouldn't normally eat, then eat it in front of the fireplace while wearing all your ski gear.


7) Sit in your car in the driveway for hours blasting music and doing nothing, watching the snow pile up on your windshield.


8) Go for a walk/run in the middle of a blizzard and feel your tears freeze.


9) Build a fort out of blankets and pillows and stay in there all day pretending you're in a yurt somewhere.


10) Go on social media and complain about how bored you are and how much you wish you could be skiing (NOTE: please don't actually do this).


11) Go outside and build a snowman, then ski down the hill and crash into it.


12) Write a pointless blog article on your skiing website that is totally not a self-projection.


With Love (and co-misery),

Jesse Plautz

Powder Addicts Owner

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