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Shotski Kit | Beerski Kit | World Record Edition - Powderaddicts

Shotski Kit | Beerski Kit | World Record Edition

$50.00 $100.00

Turn any ski or board into a party machine with the world-record-setting Go Big Shots Shotski and Beerski Kits. 

What's Included In The Shotski Kit:

  • 4 Shotski Mounts
  • 4 Party Proof Shot Glasses

What's Included In The Beerski Kit:

  • 3 Beerski Mounts
  • 3 Party Proof Beer Glasses

What makes these kits unique? Go Big Shots is the only Shotski kit that allows you to change out your shot glasses between uses or between seasons. You'll also never break another shotglass with their Party-Proof Drinkware 

Just peel, stick, and party!

Easy to apply, and designed to fit most standard sized shot glasses and beer glasses, these mounts allow you to stick your drink anywhere you can think of.

Now everything is a party-ready shotski.

"We wanted an easy way to attach shot glasses to pretty much anything. Each mount is made from our special blend of Super Silicone that actually holds drinkware better when they get wet, and comes installed with our 3M VHB adhesive pads that will stick to literally anything forever" - The Big Shots Team

Never break another shotski glass

Our Big Shots Party-Proof Shot Kit and Pint Glasses are 100% party proof. You will NEVER break one of these! But, if you do, we'll replace it (so long as you provide pictures of the crime scene). HOT DAMN That must have been a helluva party. 

Now available in beer flavor!

The Beerski Kit is revolutionizing shotskis forever! Not everyone likes jagermeister in their face hole, including the Big Shots team. That's why (secretly) their favorite brain-child is the Beerski. These mounts fit all standard pint glasses, beer bottles beer cans and solo cups so you can have a chug off rather than a shoot out.

(And, of course, the Beer-Ski mounts fit our party-proof plasticware that doesn't look or feel anything like plastic but we have to say that it's plastic so you don't get sad that it's not glass when you open it on Christmas or your Birthday or whatever.)

    PS, Congrats To The Four-Time World Record Holders at Go Big Shots! (2019 Video Coming Soon)

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