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Mountain View Birthstone Bracelet, Birthstone Necklace

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Do you have a favorite partner or mountain buddy that you love to go skiing or snowboarding with?

Have you shared intimate times in amazing places with this person?

The people we share these moments with make our life complete, and give us a taste of ultimate love.

As much as we try, we can never fully express how we feel when we are with this person, doing the things that we love.

This beautiful pendant will show your favorite mountain partner how important the time you spend together is to you.

This remarkable pendant celebrates the memories you've shared while skiing or snowboarding throughout your life.

➜ Designed and handmade right here in the USA by skilled local craftsmen and women.

➜ Theperfect gift for anyone who loves skiing or snowboarding, and ships in 1-2 business days

The pendant is made of Rhodium plated Pewter, the Necklace chain is 18-22" adjustable

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