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Snowflake 2 Wall Decal


Snowflake 2 Wall Decal

  • Elevate the "altitude" of any room and upgrade its decor in a unique and innovative way with this Mountains Vinyl Wall and Car Decal.
  • The wall decal material is best suited for indoor use, which is more easily removable
  • Save more money by ordering multiple decals.
  • We also offer customized sizing - just email us at support@powderaddict.com

Sizes Available:

  • 62" Wall Decal
  • 26" Wall Decal
  • 12" Wall Decal

Custom Size Decal

  • If you need a custom size, just contact us via our support@powderaddicts.com

How To Apply A Vinyl Decal:

Step 1 - Clean the Surface

  • Wipe surface clean using a damp cloth with water or rubbing alcohol. Wait until the surface is completely dry. (NO WINDEX)

Step 2 - Prepare and Position Decal

  • Take your squeegee and rub the top layer of the decal on a hard surface. Position your decal on the intended surface & secure the sheet with tape along the top. The tape now acts as a hinge.

Step 3 - Remove Backing Paper

  • Flip the sheet on its hinge & very slowly peel the backing paper from the decal. If the decal stays stuck to the backing paper, rub the decal onto the transfer tape & slowly try again. Try changing angles as well.

Step 4 - Apply the Decal

  • Using a squeegee, firmly rub over the transfer tape, working from the center out.

Step 5 - Remove the Transfer Tape

  • At a 45 degree angle very slowly peel back the edge of the transfer. Press over the decal with your squeegee/application tool ensuring the decal is well adhered.

Step 6 - Finished

  • Your vinyl die-cut decal is ready to turn heads and give you years of service.


  • Estimated delivery time 1 - 2 weeks including production and shipping
  • Shipped out by USPS (first class or priority mail)
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